“Quelli col solo ingegno, separata ogni matera, mesurano le forme delle cose. Noi, perché vogliamo le cose essere poste da vedere, per questo useremo quanto dicono più grassa Minerva…” Leon Battista Alberti, Della Pittura
The first time I heard this song it was a cover played by the house band at a place called The Place on via Alberico II by the Castel Sant’Angelo. It…
Thoughts on an exhibition at the Scuderie del Quirinale until 10 April.
I wonder for how long the cusp of February and March will inspire a shudder. My telephone has been cheerfully throwing photos at me from three years ago…
A Podcast about Rome. Episode 9: The Ships of Caligula at Lake Nemi.Listen now (17 min) | The third of Rome’s emperors was Caligula: famously “mad, bad and dangerous to know”. Among the many extravagances of his short…
I was alerted by a tweet from my pal (and quondam Head Girl) Dr Sophie Hay to an exhibition at the Fondazione Prada in Milan called Recycling Beauty…
All photographs are mine and were taken with permission. Three years ago this week, for one week only and for the first time in over four centuries, all…
Last weekend we were in London for the kind of casual flying visit that used to be the norm pre-pandemic. There was a family party for my mother’s…
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Gillian Knows Best
Gillian Knows Best
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Letters from Rome
Letters from Rome
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